It Works! Illuminating Facial Pads

Brighten your complexion with daily exfoliating pads.

Let’s face it—no one wants a lackluster complexion, and Illuminating Facial Pads are a gentle, effective solution for brighter skin. These hydrating, ready-to-go exfoliation pads use both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to remove dead skin cells and reveal a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion. Formulated exclusively with Dr. Nassif of Botched, Illuminating Facial Pads do more than face value—they let your natural beauty shine through.

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Features and Benefits
Uses naturally derived AHAs and BHAs to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of pores.
Removes dead skin cells to help you achieve a brighter, fresher look and even skin-tone.
Hydrates with humectants that naturally attract moisture to soften and refresh your skin.
Easily wipes away oil, dirt, makeup, and dead skin that soap and water leave behind.
Assists the natural renewal processes of your skin.

Gently wipe your face with a pad, avoiding the sensitive area around your eyes.
A normal, tingling sensation may occur—do not rinse off.

Pro Tip
Illuminate more than just your face! Elbows, feet, and even knees are often problem areas for chalky, dead skin.
Try using an Illuminating Facial Pad on these parts of your body, too, and see how a simple acid exfoliation can refresh the look and feel of rough skin—anywhere.

What are some of the key, active ingredients in Illuminating Facial Pads?
Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA & BHA) – Beauty-boosting exfoliant acids that break down dead skin cells to reveal healthy, glowing, younger skin.
Azelaic Acid Complex – An advanced skin brightener that illuminates your complexion while delivering an even, balanced skin tone.
Caviar Lime – A gentle, skin-smoothing exfoliant that’s rich in AHAs and helps reveal soft, fresh skin.
Willow Bark – A natural source of BHAs that helps remove complexion-dulling dead skin.


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